Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Roomies-Perverts Till The End

Page finale of The Roomies

This is the last I've ever have in store since after I left my mother, I didn't bring it along somehow, trying to tell myself I'm outgrowing on dolls (which is a sad fake fact bcoz in the end I ended up getting other dolls to compensate for it ^^; ), so my strips have ended here abruptly

Perverts to the end, people

The Roomies-Buying A Car (Part 2)

Page 35 of The Roomies

Landlady has grabbed their dough! XD Good luck on that, Roy!

The Roomies-Buying A Car (Part 1)

Page 34 of The Roomies

That used to be my mom's car, but I helped keep it there until it gets officially sold

The Roomies-Class Chat

Page 33 of The Roomies

Yes, I actually took this photos for the strip during the 10-min break in class. XD Told you I shamelessly brought them everywhere

The Roomies-Mommy's Boy

Page 32 of The Roomies

Dan's mom at it again

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 5)

Page 31 of The Roomies

These three sure are desperate

The Roomies-Library Visit (Part 4)

Page 30 of The Roomies

Couldn't keep your piehole shut, could you?